Church Committees

The Church body is able to participate and help with the growth and stability of the church by participating in Committees. If you want to find out more about these committees, contact the Church Office for details.

Worship Committee 

This committee’s focus is on planning out any needs for the worship service. This could include ensuring someone is in charge of Communion Sunday, the altar/church decorations are appropriate for the season, and special services (e.g., Christmas, Easter, other special occasions.)

Finance Committee

This committee meets monthly to review the financial status of the church, recommend approval for purchases, and discuss budgetary needs to ensure the stability of the churches finances.

Education Committee

This committee is responsible for the review and selection of curriculum for adult and children Sunday school classes. The goal of this committee is to help find tools to teach Christ to the congregation.

Family Life Committee

It is important for the congregation to have opportunities to gather outside of church, and this committee helps to make sure that happens. They meet to discuss events for the church such as retreats, picnics, and congregational celebrations.


This committee is responsible for the oversight of the church buildings, infrastructure, landscaping, maintenance and capital investments of the church and parsonage.

Administrative Council 

This committee is made up of a representative of all the other committees to discuss the overall functions within the church. The representatives of each of the committees gives updates regarding their status and needs.

Missions Committee 

Mission work is very important to the congregation. This committee is made up of individuals who represent different mission functions (e.g., Food Pantry, Holiday Feast of Sharing, Christmas Angels) and other assigned members who meet to discuss the current status of mission programs, as well as plan out monthly missions for the congregation to contribute.

Connections Committee

This committee focuses their efforts on community outreach. They discuss ways in which our church can stay connected and involved with the community.

AV Committee 

The AV Committee is responsible for the running the screens during worship on Sundays, ensuring the sound system is operational, and managing other AV/Media needs for Sunday worship and other special events.