Other Giving Opportunities

Franklin UMC supports many facets of ministry to our church body and the community. For additional information about any of the donation options, please contact the Church Office.

Youth & Children Ministries 

The Church has active youth and children ministry programs that include local and outreach mission work. We strive to teach our children the importance of showing Gods love to others through mission work. Consider making donations to these specific ministries.

Vacation Bible School 

The church has a robust Vacation Bible School program that reaches nearly 100 children each summer. The costs for materials, building usage, van transportation, and food can add up for this mission, but is a worthy investment. Consider giving to this ministry to promote the love of Christ to these children.


The church maintains 2 vans to support the missions of the church body. Consider making financial donations specifically to help maintain these vans or to help develop the savings fund to purchase a new van when the time comes.

Food Pantry 

Once every few months volunteers from the church work the Saturday distribution at the Food Pantry. The food pantry is also often a monthly mission of the Church with special emphasis on the collection of items and monetary donations. You can also donate financially directly to the Franklin Food Pantry.


Flowers on the alter not only provide beauty, but remind us of the wonderful nature that God has provided to us. There is beauty in everything outside, why not bring that indoors? Provide a financial donation to support flowers on the alter, or better yet, notify the church office that you would like to provide alter flowers on a specific Sunday to commemorate an event, loved one, or just because.

In Honor/Memory

There are people in our lives for which no gift would ever be enough to give value to the love they have given us, for the way they have inspired us, or the way they encouraged us. Yet, we want to do something in their name to show they made a difference in our lives and the in the lives of others. Consider giving a donation to the church in memory or honor of your loved ones.

Music Ministry

The church has several music programs – the choir, Faithful Nation, and the Ukulele band. These groups perform at Sunday worship and/or out in the community. Consider giving a donation to a music ministry so they can continue to serve God with music.

General Undesignated Giving

If you would like to give to the church, you can give in any way, it doesn’t have to be designated to a particular ministry. The church always has ongoing maintenance work and expenses to continue to operate. Undesignated funds can be used to support the ministry in this way.